Hello Beautiful!

CCB Bride Jaylyn featured on Southern Living!

When Hurricane Irma barreled through Florida in September, it left a swath of destruction behind. The hurricane-forced winds and pelting rain caused a lot of damage once it made landfall in the Sunshine State, but the Florida Keys, especially, received the brunt of the storm. Changing the landscape for what is considered one of the most popular tourist draws in the South, several businesses on the hurricane-ravaged strand of islands had to close their doors for reconstruction. One of those businesses was this iconic destination: Casa Marina.

Casa Marina is a Waldorf Astoria Resort largely revered by locals and beach-goers from all over. It’s also considered to be Key West’s original and most luxurious resort. Understanding just how perfect the Casa Marina is as a stunning backdrop for special occasions, Jaylyn and Brian Moogan decided to host their wedding there. There’s just one caveat, though. The resort had reopened their doors to guests only one day before the couple’s planned nuptials. Jaylyn and Brian are the first couple to marry at Casa Marina since the hurricane hit the Keys. Proof that even Hurricane Irma couldn’t rival their joy, scroll down for more awe-inspiring photos of this beach wedding that were beautifully captured by Tampa-based photographer, Jessi Caparella.

Bridal Gown: Katie May